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Quote from "Kabeer in Korporates"

  • " Traditionally, information and thereafter the application of source of knowledge was the source of power in leadership. However long-lasting, non-replicable, unique differentiation is based on wisdom! "

  • " How we deal with crises is being watched by many in the organization- Leaders, peers and subordinates. What they watch and remember forms our reputation. "

  • " The ‘Soft’ attributes like attitude, temperament, poise, equanimity, dignity and statesmanship are what differentiate true leaders. None of this can be measured with diagnostic tools and they only reveal themselves in the wilds. "

  • " There is a difference between espoused attributes and demonstrated attributes. Every leader has attributes he thinks he possesses then there are the attributes he actually demonstrates. During a crisis a leader reveals his true colors. "

  • " In the real world variables have a mind of their own. Leadership is about hitting a moving target on a moving platform, sitting on top of a moving horse. "

  • " When we are in the rapids, there is no time for theories, instructions, patterns and rule-books. True leaders are not prisoners of knowledge. They are merchants of imagination and instinct. "

  • " Management is about taking a decision with incomplete information, learning and modifying as we go along. If we wait for all the traffic lights to be green before we leave home, we will never step out of our homes. "

  • " Good leader is able to detach his own motives from the decision he is taking. The ability to do so does not come from education but from continuous introspection and self awareness. "

  • " Can we distinguish between passion and loudness, assertiveness and result-oriented abrasiveness, the go-getter and the bully? "


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Gurucharan Singh Gandhi

Gurucharan Singh Gandhi has traversed the dusty roads from a little known hamlet in Jharkhand called Jhinkpani to the corridors of the corporate world. He has steadfastly refused to grow out the small town boy identity while negotiating the megapolis. His friends and foes fondly call him ‘Guru’ and he likes it because it gives him the air of importance which he otherwise lacks!

He calls himself a full time corporate-wallah and a part time writer. Apart from his maiden book ‘Kabeer in Korporate’ he can be read through his regular blog – which are tales that emerge from his observation of life amidst the act of living it.

He runs marathons to clear his mind and is an avid long distance runner. He reads Kabeer to cleanse his soul. Kabeer is his soul mate. They often have long conversations.

Guru currently works as Head of Learning and Development at the Aditya Birla Financial Services. In the past he has worked with Max Life Insurance, Bharti AXA Insurance and Nicholas Piramal Limited.

His current areas of interest are individual and organisational change.

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Tales emerging from observing life while living it !